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What is Shamanism and what is shamanic healing? 

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Shamanism is one of the oldest healing practices on earth and takes it's form in many different interpretations around the world. 
Shamanism is personal and unique to each and everyone of us. For me, it is the connect between the physical reality, the other realms and the quantum. It is the link between soul and spirit. Shamanism allows us to connect to the worlds beyond our physical perception. 

By connecting to and understanding nature, the elements and the different vibrations and energies around us, we can learn to transform our lives for the better. It is a journey of transformation. 

By connecting to and being guided by spirit, we can help healing to transmute on this psychical plane. Shamanic healing can include a number of different techniques including: energy vibrational healing, power retrieval, soul retrieval, psychopomp and just by being guided by spirit. The key is to feel, listen and be grateful. 

As part of my Shamanic training, I am gifting one session per month to a new client. Please reach out to me directly for further information. 

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